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Launching DigitalEd

online video courseOnline education is a huge growing market as schools and universities all over the world are putting their classes online both for free and paid versions. There are several online class platforms out there but one we have found to be very interesting and revolutionary is the NovoEd platform developed at Stanford University by Professor Amin Saberi and his team of engineers.

Rockk Video has now become the preferred video production partner with NovoEd to facilitate high quality video for educators wanting to integrate their course online with this unique platform.

To date we have shot five of these online courses for clients and hope to be producing many more in the coming months as this partnership grows and develops. DigitalEd is a service of Rockk Video and features partners Kevin Rockwell, Rusty Dornin, and Chuck Afflerbach. You can find the DigitalEd services located here.


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