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NBA Playoffs 2015

Working the NBA playoffs for ESPN this month in addition to some other sports events. May is not usually heavy for sports gigs but this one is different and I have been enjoying it for sure as I always have liked covering sports since way back in the day covering the Niners in their glory days. Thinking back on it now I count at least 20 NFL playoff and championship games, four World Series, US Open at Pebble Beach and the Olympic club, one NHL playoff series, and now the NBA covering the Golden State Warriors. It has been some fun times over the years. (But I am trying to forget the time I slipped in the mud at Candlestick and landed flat on my backside covered in goo…)

Some images from last nights game.

IMG_3990 IMG_3991 IMG_3988 IMG_3983 IMG_3982 IMG_3981 IMG_3980 IMG_3970 IMG_3969 IMG_3968

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