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Camera Package

Our Camera Package

Ikegami HLV 55 Beta SP Camera w/scan

Canon 18×8 Lens
Sachtler Tripod
Sony Field Monitor 16×9 capable
Lectrosonics wireless kits (3)
Production Lighting kit – Arri and Lowel, pattern light
Production sound mixing kit – FP33
HMI Lights
Portable backdrops, flags, scrims, reflectors
Production audio kit – lavs, hand mics, boom mic
Grip cart and power
Green screens 10×10 and reversible Blue/Green 5×7
Diva light Kino Flo 400W

HDV/DV Cam – Sony Z1U

NLE Editing system – Premiere Pro

HD Camera Pkgs:

XD Cam EX1
Sony FP900 HDCam
Panasonic Varicam
Panasonic P2HDV

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