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Hero – Lodi CA

Wrapped on an HD shoot for Associated Television Inter. out in Lodi CA. The segment is about a Lodi man who risked his life to pull a disabled lady from in front of an oncoming train after she had fallen when her chair hit a rut in the RR crossing. We shot the piece on the Sony F900 HD Camera. It will be posted in LA.

Here is more on this story:

A Northern California man is being hailed a hero after he saved a wheelchair-bound elderly woman, stuck on the tracks, from being struck by an on-coming train.

Samuel Huffman, 20, was driving Saturday night when he noticed Marguerite Jones, 82, lying on Union Pacific Railroad tracks at Locust Street in Lodi, officials said.

Jones said she was crossing the tracks when her motorized wheelchair tipped over, causing her to fall off.

Huffman pulled Jones from the tracks just seconds before the train roared by.

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