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Twist and Shout To End 2008

Well a nice week to end 2008 for Rockk Video Productions. We spent two days this week shooting for our UK client Twist and Shout Communications as they prepared a corporate video for McAfee. Their creative director Jim Shields was jumping on a short turnaround request from McAfee to produce a key video for their Annual Kickoff event. We shot on our Sony Z1 camera in 1080i HD at locations in Santa Clara, CA and Mission Viejo, CA. We worked with location director Robert McCollum who is based out of Texas. While we were shooting in warm Southern California Jim and crew were over in freezing Warsaw Poland shooting the other interviews. Robert and I were happy to be in California. (Not to mention the easy availability of good Mexican food)

Shooting on the Z1 was done in conference room environments with white backdrops, which as you know can be challenging but it was part of the look for the video so we used the backlight feature of the Sony Z1 and let the backdrops blow out while maintaining solid exposures on the faces of our interviews.

Next up is more cooking videos for a new membership cooking web site that will debut in 2009 and is aimed at young adults and college students.

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