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Heroes Among Us

We just wrapped four days of HD Cam (Sony FP900) shoots for Associated Television Inc of LA. They were in the Bay Area for three segments for their show “Heroes Among Us” which spotlights normal folks who do heroic deeds.

First shoot was in Los Gatos for a story on people who rescue and rehabilitate dogs that have been saved from fighting operations. One of the dogs we featured was a Pit Bull that went from fighting to now being a therapy dog!

Second shoot was the story of Todd Endris and how he got munched by a shark in the waters off Monterey CA and lived to tell about (and go back in the water surfing) because of the heroic actions of friends and other surfers as well as dolphins in the water who scared off the shark.

Then we were off to Sacramento CA to do a story about two singles looking for a soul mate who come together on a first date to help out with the charity Feed the Children.

Watch for air dates on these segments here.

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