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DigVid – Video Production – Blog Talk Radio Show

Rockk Video is proud to announce the launch of its new online radio show called “DigVid” that will be airing on Blog Talk Radio. The internet allows us to communicate in so many new and interesting ways. With BTR we can host a show from our office and feature interesting and knowledgeable guests from the world of video production who will give insights and creative tips to you the end user of digital video.


Thursday February 19th 3pm PST
Guest: Neil Alford – video producer

Come and join us for this show. Click Here.

Listen to this show here.

Topics to be covered in our coming shows:

  1. HD video production
  2. Web video production
  3. Using web video to increase internet sales
  4. Communicating with customers via video
  5. Essential tools
  6. Chats with NLE pros
  7. Top digital pros grilled for their secrets
  8. Video Gear – what to buy and what not to buy

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